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"Plastic Planet Explorers: A Microscopic Mission"

Grade Level: 12

Initial ideas

This will be a collaborative project between calculus and Environmental Science in the 12th grade. Essential question is, How can we show the effects of microscopic plastic waste on the microscopic members of our environment? In this project students will collect and study plankton species before making mathematical models to show their learning about how microplastic waste interferes with their function in the global ecosystem. Each product will be accompanied by novel data visualizations to express what the students learn. The culminating event will be an exhibition hosted within giant inflatable volumes made of reclaimed plastic where students will share their research in an engaging space where footage of their species and the data visualizations will be projected. Finally, the research students complete will be used to update and refine USD’s official Field Guide to West Coast Plankton.

Project Title: "Unmasking Pseudoscience: AI Investigations"

Grade Level: College

Initial ideas

I want to design a creative project that helps students learn about a specific pseudoscience and demonstrate critical thinking. the project should require students to use at least one generative AI tool to gather and/or analyze information. the project should result in a product that cannot easily be generated using AI tools.

"Defend, Adapt, Create: Exploring Animal Survival Strategies"

Grade Level: 4

Initial ideas

I want to design a project based on the Animal Defense Unit from EL Education. This needs to include the California Common Core Standards for reading and writing.

Crafting Identity: Stories in Creative Narratives

Grade Level: High School

Initial ideas

I am designing a project based on important impactful stories. Students will choose a story from their life (fictional or non-fiction) that has impacted them and reminds them who the are or want to be. They will then write that story as a narrative for a new audience. Along with the narrative the will write an authors note to explain the purpose of the story. Students will then use that narrative to craft a creative delivery method such as a film, poetry book, video game, children's book, comic book, theater production, etc.

"Community Care Quest: Exploring, Cleaning, Connecting"

Grade Level: High School

Initial ideas

I want to design an intercurricular project in which 9th grade students will organize a community cleanup day. The courses are math, biology, English, AVID, and World History. The driving question is: How can I show love for my community? Students will explore the following questions: • What areas in your community need to be cleaned or beautified? • What resources would you need in order to facilitate a community cleanup day? • Who will you need to talk to in order to gain access to the area you want to clean? • How will you recruit people to participate in a community cleanup day? • How will the community benefit from this activity?

"Building Bridges: Strengthening Our Classroom Community Together"

Grade Level: 6

Initial ideas

I want to create a simple 4 day community building project to help 6th grade students reconnect at the start of the school year in social studies class.

"Time Travel: Gladiators and Games Through the Ages"

Grade Level: 6

Initial ideas

I want to design a project based on Roman gladiators and their role in society, building narrative around why the gladiators fought and the history of the colosseum. Students should also compare gladiators and roman values of entertainment and violence to that of use today.

"Ethical Ventures: From Vision to Values"

Grade Level: 8

Initial ideas

Need a curriculum that at the end of the semester they will have learned how to design a presentation that showcases to a group of adults the development of an entrepreneurial endeavor, invention, or nonprofit, emphasizing the ethical considerations and sustainable practices incorporated throughout the process. The class aims to explore the ethical considerations and challenges in starting a business, invention, or nonprofit, while also learning the steps to business planning, product development, nonprofit management, and Jewish ethical principles.

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